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The Supreme Chapter of the Eclectic Rite was installed in Brazil as an essentially philosophical, philanthropic, evolutionist and progressive corporation, which, through its rituals, materializes and restores in Man the true essence of the Human Spirit, guiding him to the freedom to think, express and develop in society. ​

The Supreme Chapter of the Eclectic Rite, qualified as of public interest, is a legal entity governed by private law, a philosophical, autonomous, sovereign and independent, regular, legal, legitimate, theistic, initiative, progressive and evolutionary Masonic power, with its constitutive acts registered at the Registry of Deeds and Documents of Legal Entities, Chief Office, regulator and advisor of the High Philosophical Bodies of the liturgy of the Eclectic Rite or Eclectic Freemasonry, with administrative and disciplinary ascendancy under the bodies and bodies that are subordinate to it. ​

The Supreme Chapter is the regular and sovereign Masonic power, guardian of the observance and purity of the German Eclectic Rite liturgy, having full sovereignty and authority to govern, administer, guarantee, safeguard and preserve, in everything that concerns the liturgy and the philosophy of the rite. ​ It aims to establish the progress and development of Eclectic Freemasonry in national and international territory, preserving its values ​​and principles. ​​

Finally, the Supreme Chapter recognizes in their degrees and qualities, regardless of rite, all Masons of the regular powers by equivalence of degrees.

Graus do Rito Adonhiramita
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